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Andy Faulkner

Andy's artwork explores a lifelong fascination with historic buildings and other structures, particularly those which are derelict, in decline or under threat (a fascination which has borne his career as a historic buildings architect*). He is fascinated by abandonment and decay, how structures transform as they deteriorate, gaining new characteristics, and how nature regains a foothold in an ongoing battle between human activity and nature - our relationship with the world. 

The patterns of aging begin early in a building’s life; the gradual gain of patina through weathering and erosion, or its intentional adaptation and redevelopment – often creating a palimpsest communicating evidence of social, economic and industrial change. Such places are invariably bound with compelling narratives and histories and have a very strong sense of place and individual identity. He is particularly drawn to the mystery, complexity and drama of interiors as their building envelopes deteriorate, often creating new physical relationships, visual perspectives and patterns of light and shade.

Andy selects media carefully to suit each subject, typically mixing painting and drawing techniques to create a combination of ‘free’ expressive marks with more controlled drawing work. For him, this is a means of communicating the interplay he witnesses between the formal and designed aspects of the subject and the natural effects of weathering, decay and recolonisation.


If you are interested in purchasing a piece of artwork contact Andy.

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